Stop Overthinking



End of the World?


Will I or My Family Get Affected?

Are Your Mind Plagued with the Constant barrage of Thoughts All The Time?

Overthinking is a Mental War

It Corrupts Your Mind and Makes You Weak.

Turn Off Your TV and Throw Away the Newspaper

Block the Channels through which Fearful Thoughts Feed In

Find a Distraction

Form New Habits to Relieve Anxiety

Channel Your Mind to Attract Positive Vibes

Stay Calm, Forget The Past

After All,

A Sound Mind Doesn’t Make A Noise!

For Once, Stop Overthinking

Miracles Happen Every Day!

The Grateful Shade of Life

Gently leaning back on the couch, allowing my spine to relax after a long day of working in the office chair, I turned my gaze outside the window. I can see tiny droplets of clear water kissing the face of the earth arousing a sweet earthy smell. In the distance, I can hear cocks crowing, cuckoo cooing, lizards clicking, and thunder rumbling. I turned my gaze away from the window, took a deep breath, and sipped my dry ginger tea. I can feel the warmth of the tea dripping down my throat, spreading to my lungs, and settling down in my stomach, while the cold wind gently fondles my cheek, tickles my neck, and gives me a chilly bump that takes my breath away for a while. This moment is picture-perfect, and I closed my eyes to thank God for his precious gift – nature. I stored this moment in a little box underneath my memory, so I will never forget to thank him again and again, for his love to the manhood, nature, and universe.

The String of Pearls




Pearls – the Most Valuable Gifts of Mother Nature,

A Symbol of Wealth and Perfection

Its Lustrous and Mesmerizing Beauty Make Us Go Crazy Over It.

Wearing them is a Symbol of Pride,

But, Not Always,

Not At Least, When They are Around Your Ovaries.

Those String of Pearls Around Your Ovaries is a Curse.

It’s Not Pride to Wear,

It’s Not a Luxury to Showoff,

The Scar It Leaves Isn’t Going to Be Cured Anytime Soon.

For those People Who suffer from PCOS,

The Pain is Excruciating.

Unexplained Weight Gain,

Abnormal Hair Growth,

Facial Hair and Acne,

Missed Visits of Aunt Flo,

And Above All,

The Inability to Bear Children (In some cases).

It Explains Everything.

From the Lost Hopes to the Lost Dreams.

Grieving for Something that You will Never Have.

This Life-changing Syndrome, Kills Us Every Day.

Change Your Lifestyle and It Can be Cured,

But Tried Everything, Am I Going to be a Nerd?

We Struggle Every Day,

We Try Hard,

To Carry a Tiny Soul in Our Womb.

I’ve Made My Mind, Not to Lose Hope

We Are in This Together and We Will Get Through It.











The Journey of an Army Wife


Army Wife, Married to Olive Green

A year and a half ago,

I said ‘I do’ to a man in Olive Green.

He was my high school sweetheart.

The day we walked down the aisle hand in hand together,

I am proud to be an ‘Army Wife.’

But, I was unaware of the immeasurable sacrifices I must do,

To Stand Among the Silent Ranks.

The tears,

The hardships,

The skipped heartbeat,

The longing,

The deployment,

The midnight call,

The distance,

The Uncertainty and the list go on…

When you are away from your man,

You feel like a piece of your heart is constantly missing.

Life is never easy for us,

And controlling it is always a crazy mess.

But with all glory and pain,

Army life is fun,

For who stay strong and shun not the struggle.

Together we are stronger,

You don’t have to do it alone.

We Love, We Survive, and We Evolve!


An Aching Heart


The chirping of birds,

The chillness of the fresh morning;

The sweet scent of the hot morning coffee

But, brewing next door.

The friendly bark of little Tommy,

The gleaming rays of the bright red Sun.

Woke up Little Neena to another hectic day.

No mother to cradle her, No father to take her shopping.

No brothers to play with her,

No sisters to crack naughty jokes.

Neena begin each morning watching children leaving to school,

Shared lunch with little Tommy,

Closing ears to the swearing and torment of her

‘Rowdy’ aunt.

Did all household chores,

Burnt her fingers, Burnt her dreams

Dripping tears, stripping heart, dripping blood,

She went to sleep,

Under the shelter of the dark sky filled with bright stars.

Hoping for the best to come!

Rosary – The Divine Beads




As the sun rose, the golden beams kissed my cheek;

Adorned in white, I started breathing the fresh day of my life.

On my way to work, My lips uttered those praises;

During the commute, My heart recited the praises again. 

When I am exhausted, those praises filled me up with new energy;

When my heart weakened, those praises fuelled it up.

As I retired from work, again my lips uttered those praises;

After my dinner, I recited the praises again.

When I hold those string of beads, my heart brims with joy;

When I roll those string of pearls, my soul rests in peace.

When I count on the rosary, my worries fade away;

With a rosary in hand, my troubles are left far behind.

Yes! I’m saying my rosary every day;

And, I’m slaying my sins under the holy feet of  Mother Mary. 










I’m Back

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Hi Friends, 

Good Day!

It has been months since I updated my blog page. Due to some hectic schedule and few technical issues, I stayed away from this digital world of peace for a while. Now I’m back with a bang of my regular updates. I’m happy, now I can connect with my sources of inspiration without any hitch. Thank you for being with me. 



Empty Space of My heart



I Know Something Is Not Right,
But I Can’t Figure It Out.
May be This,
Or May be That.
Sorry, Still I Can’t Find.

May be Here,
Or May be There.
Sorry Still I Can’t Find,
The Thing that Presses My Mind,
The Thing that Makes my Heart Heavy.

May be My Worthless Presence,
Or My constant Absence.
Still I Can’t.

But, Oh Lord!
Can you?
Can you figure out the Thing,

Whatever it Be,
Give Me courage,
TO Lighten the Burden,
And Let Go The Empty Space of My heart.

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Lord Will Make a Way



Lord will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way!

From my birth,
My life has been fuller,
More beautiful,
And more fun.

There were days,
Filled with joy.
There were days,
Filled with sorrow.

I enjoyed some days,
I feared other days.
I loved some days,
I hated other days.

Hard work pushed me up,
Success crowned my life.
Failures pulled me down,
No one lifted me up.

Now I know,
When there is sorrow, then comes joy.
When there is hatred, then comes love.
When there is failure, then comes success.
When there is no one, then comes my LORD.


When there is no way, he will create one.

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How Long?


How Long Are We Going to…
Stay Blind?
How Long Are We Going to…
Refuse the Mere Gifts of God?
How Long Are We Going to..
Hide in the Dark Side of Life?
How Long Are We Going to be…
Against Nature?
How Long Are We Going to..
Wear the Mask of Love
To Defeat Neighbors?
There Comes a Day!
We can’t eat money.
Buildings can’t bore food,
Mobile phones can’t spell love.

Then we will,
Reach out for
the nearest thing once we had.
But will not find it even
in the farthest far…